Wild about nature – using old wellies as planters

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature for your wellbeing, and it doesn’t need to mean taking on a big project or spending lots of money – this activity recycles old boots into planters. Find yourself some old wellies or boots. Children’s wellies work really well and this gardening project is ideal for when your kids grow out of theirs but don’t want to part with them – you can’t get more environmentally friendly than recycling old boots!

Yellow flowers planted in an old pair of wellies, which are white with owl eyes and feather illustrations. The plants are being watered with a teal watering can.You will need:

  • Old wellies or walking boots
  • Organic peat-free compost
  • Screwdriver/drill or something to make holes in the bottom of the wellies with
  • Herb or flower seedlings (or seeds)

What to do:

  1. Take one pair of old wellies or boots; if they’re worn to pieces and not suitable for hand-me-downs, they’re perfect
  2. Create drainage holes with a screwdriver, drill or other tool if they’re not already holey enough
  3. Fill with compost
  4. Plant seeds or young plants in each welly boot
  5. Water them, stand in a sunny spot and watch them grow!

These don’t even require a garden, you can stand them on the doorstep/balcony or patio if you’re short on outdoor space.

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