Long Walks

People walkingColliers Way Walk

The Colliers Way, Route 24 of Sustrans National Cycle Network, is a recreational path extending 23 miles through beautiful rolling landscape. Visit the Sustrans website to download the route.

The Mendip Way Walk

An amazing 50 mile (80 km) long-distance trail that takes in all the special qualities of the Mendip Hills. The West and East Mendip way connect Weston-Super-Mare, via Cheddar and Wells to Frome. See the map for this walk.

The Macmillan Way Walk

The Macmillan Way follows 290 miles of beautiful countryside from South Yorkshire to Dorset, passing through small towns and villages including Frome. More details here: www.macmillanway.org

The Mendip Ring

The Mendip Ring is a long distance path in 9 legs using public footpaths and other rights of way to follow as closely as possible the boundary of the Somerset (UK) local government district of Mendip. It has an overall distance of 117 miles. More details here: www.mendipring.org.uk

The Saxon Kings Way – 13.6 miles

More than an afternoon stroll, this challenging walk links two Saxon kings – King Eadred, King of England (AD 946-955) who died in Frome in 955 AD and his nephew King Edgar, King of England (AD 959-975) crowned in Bath Abbey in 973 AD. The route links the Mendip Way East with the Cotswold Way. Download the PDF guide.

The Frome Walking Wheel

The Frome Wheel consists of a 16.5  mile outer ring, a 5 mile inner ring and 12 spokes numbered, in clockwise direction, linking the outer ring to the inner ring and back to the Cheese and Grain, in the market yard as a common destination. You can join either the inner or outer ring at any point, walk around it until you come to a spoke and take a route back to the centre of Frome using one of the spokes.

Yellow Publications has produced a laminated map which folds to fit in your pocket and shows the inner ring, the outer ring and all 12 spokes. This can be purchased from Frome Town Hall and Frome’s most independent book shops. You can also read more about the Frome Walking Wheel here.

Map showing the Frome Walking Wheel