Town & Local Walks

There are lots of walks in and around Frome, including themed walks that can be followed in your own time. The walks on this page are free to download and use, with the exception of the Frome Heritage Trail and the Frome Walking Wheel which are available to purchase at the Discover Frome Information Point.

The Frome Society for Local Studies organise guided town walks that take place on the second Sunday in May, June, July, August and September, and the first Sunday in July during the Frome Festival. We also offer a range of guided walks throughout the year.

Walking Memories sound walk

Interactive mobile app created by Satsymph

As you arrive at a series of familiar and surprising locations you’ll hear voices and sounds conjuring impressions and stories of life and work in Frome. This compelling sound walk is based on the oral histories collected by Home in Frome over the last 10 years.  Download the map, complete with instructions on how to download the app and how to listen. Maps are also available at the Discover Frome Information Point. Once on your phone, you can experience any part of the walk anytime you like.
The app was commissioned by Black Swan Arts as part of LISTEN: A season of sound art, with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Frome Society for Local Study and Frome Town Council.

We are all Sonambulists sound walk

Find out why Frome had folk with blue hands and faces, about the witch crazed vicar, a haunted pub, the Monmouth Rebellion and more… Simply listen, walk and be transported through time. Put on your best headphones outside Bistro Lotte on Catherine St, BA11 1DB. Then go to We are all Sonambulists on Soundcloud press play and let a ghost take you on an enchanted stroll.

Start to finish, around 50 minutes.

Sensory Explorers Trail

This is a gentle loop around Welshmill Park and the Roundhouse Garden following the route of the river. You can start at any point and walk in either direction – see if you can find the markers along the way. See the Sensory explorers trail guide for more details on this trail. The trail is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Take your time and enjoy.

Victoria Park Loop – approx 550m

Take a short and easy stroll around Victoria Park. See the PDF guide and look for the ‘Walk in the Park’ label at figure 1.

Mile Walk – approx 1 mile

This short walk takes in a couple of Frome’s parks and green spaces and a bit of the river corridor. It’s a great way to add a short walk to your visit to Frome, with a starting point at the Cheese and Grain in the heart of Frome. See the PDF guide for this walk and look for the ‘River Loop’ at point 9.

Shopping and Cafés – approx 1 mile

Frome is full of independent shops and cafes. It is a destination town for stylish clothing, jewellery, bags and other accessories, housewares and art, as well as artisan food, bread and cakes and some excellent places to eat or have a coffee. This walk will take you through Frome’s iconic medieval shopping streets. Download the PDF guide for this walk.

Pubs of Frome – approx 1 mile

With such an excellent selection of drinking establishments on offer, why settle for one? This pub walk takes in some of the pubs in Frome Town Centre. There are two other suggested routes if you want the whole Frome pub/club experience. See the PDF guide for this walk.

Great War Remembrance – approx 1.8 miles

This route is inspired by the men of Frome who fought in the Great War, 224 of whom are remembered on the War Memorial in the Memorial Theatre. The route starts at St John’s Church and visits many other churches before finishing at the Memorial Theatre, where you can see the statue of Charlie Robbins, a Frome Great War veteran. See the PDF guide for this walk.

Parks & Green Spaces of Frome – approx 2 miles

This route is a slightly longer walk around Frome’s green spaces, with more pavements in-between, but some lovely green spaces along the way. There’s a few additional loops around Millennium Green and Rodden Meadow, and the possibility of tea and cakes in Victoria Park at the end. See the PDF for this walk.

Welshmill Woods Fairy Door Trail – approx 300m

Can you find all 12 fairy doors in Welshmill Woods? This whimsical trail adds a little magic to exploring the small woodland area along the riverside. It also works well with the above Parks & Green Spaces walk – simply take a break for some woodland play when you reach the river loop. Download the PDF for the fairy doors trail.

Religious Buildings of Frome – two walks approx 2-3 miles each

Frome dates from around the 7th century when the Abbot of Malmesbury, St Aldhelm, founded a monastery here. The monastery has long since disappeared, however interesting religious buildings continue to dominate the skyline. These two walks explore the religious buildings, both past and present of our historic town.  Download the PDF of Frome’s Religious Buildings (East)Download the PDF of Frome’s Religious Buildings (West).

Buggy Walk – approx 2.5 miles

A buggy-friendly walk incorporating green spaces and a riverside path, starting and finishing at the Cheese & Grain.  Download the walk.

Frome Heritage Trail – approx 2.5 milesCatherine Hill is a great place for a walk, with beautiful cobbled streets and a diverse range of shops.

The Frome Heritage Trail is a circular walk marked by numbered plaques. Starting at the Frome Bridge, the route focuses on the architectural and industrial heritage of Frome. The full guide for the trail is published by the Frome Society for Local Study and is available from the Discover Frome Information Point or Frome Town Hall for £3.

Northern Frome –  approx 2.5 miles

This walk, links together several of the town’s open spaces. Trees, both native and introduced, are a particular feature of the walk. See the PDF for this walk. Copies are on sale at Discover Frome and the Town Hall in aid of Frome Recreation and Open Ground Supporters (FROGS) funds.

Explore Whatcombe – approx 3.5 miles

A Circular Walk including Whatcombe Fields, Spring Gardens, Jeffries Lane, Packsaddle Way, and Innox Hill. Starting and finishing at the Cheese and Grain. See the PDF for this walk.

Plaques of Frome Trail – approx 4 miles, or less than 2 with shortcuts

The trail follows the plaques established by the Frome Society for Local Study to explore the rich heritage of Frome through its buildings and the interesting people who occupied them, including figures like poet Christina Rossetti and the Duke of Monmouth, who attempted to overthrow King James II. See the PDF guide for this walk.

Industrial Frome – 4 miles

An easy 4-mile walk around town with plenty of stops, exploring Frome’s Industrial past. The walk was prepared by Poetry in Motion and Home in Frome in conjunction with Frome Town Council. Download the PDF guide.

Buckland Dinham & Great Elm – approx 4.5 miles

A walk over fields, along lanes and through woods, with good views, industrial archaeology and interesting wildlife particularly in the riverside woodland. See the PDF guide for this walk. Copies are on sale at Discover Frome and the Town Hall in aid of Frome Recreation and Open Ground Supporters (FROGS) funds.

Open Spaces – approx 5.5miles

This route is slightly longer than the others and takes you round Frome’s favourite open spaces. See the PDF guide for this walk.

Orchardleigh – approx 7 miles

A circular walk following riverside and field paths into the Orchardleigh estate, where it follows a muddy lakeside path and then tarmac driveway, returning to Frome via Spring Gardens and Cooper Hall. Download the PDF guide.

Longleat Woods & East Woodlands Church – approx 8 miles

A circular walk following field paths and quiet lanes, via Rodden church, through woodland around the edge of the Longleat estate, through Roddenbury Hill fort, to East Woodlands church, and back to Frome. Download the PDF guide.

Mells Walk – approx 8.5 miles

A figure-of-eight walk from Frome town centre, following the Mells Stream to Mells and part of the Colliers Way cycle path back to Frome. Download the PDF guide.

10 Mile Round Frome Walk – approx 10 miles

A circular walk around Frome taking in many green spaces along the way, including Vallis Vale, Rodden Meadow and Packsaddle. Download the PDF guide.

The Saxon Kings Way – 13.6 miles

More than an afternoon stroll, this challenging walk links two Saxon kings – King Eadred, King of England (AD 946-955) who died in Frome in 955 AD and his nephew King Edgar, King of England (AD 959-975) crowned in Bath Abbey in 973 AD. The route links the Mendip Way East with the Cotswold Way. Download the PDF guide.

The Frome Walking Wheel

The Frome Wheel consists of a 16.5  mile outer ring, a 5 mile inner ring and 12 spokes numbered, in clockwise direction, linking the outer ring to the inner ring and back to the Cheese and Grain, in the market yard as a common destination. You can join either the inner or outer ring at any point, walk around it until you come to a spoke and take a route back to the centre of Frome using one of the spokes.

Yellow Publications has produced a laminated map which folds to fit in your pocket and shows the inner ring, the outer ring and all 12 spokes. This can be purchased from Frome Town Hall and Frome’s most independent book shops. Read more about the Frome Walking Wheel.

Map showing the Frome Walking Wheel