Meet the artists: Alexandra Howell

In the run-up to the Frome Virtual Open Art Trail 2020 we talk to artist Alexandra Howell about her work, the impact of Covid-19 and her hopes for the future.

Painting of treeMy name is Alex Howell and I have lived in Frome for the last 12 years.  I’m a artist who has emerged from a background in fashion design.  To quote my Instagram account…

I’m quietly obsessed by light and shadow, colour and texture and constantly inspired by the natural world.

With the advent of lockdown I found myself in a contrary position as my ‘normal’ day-to-day working life is very solitary as I’d be happily isolated in my garden studio most days like some paint covered hermit.

So instead of feeling alone and cut off from the world I had to come to terms with my family now around at home 24/7 .

I also have a mother in Frome who overnight needed virtual daily support, during this difficult time so lockdown for me suddenly meant going out most days and very little time actually painting, which if I’m honest I found extremely difficult at times, however it has made me appreciate how very…very fortunate I am in my life and I think going forward I will be a lot more aware of the precious gift of time and space I spend in my studio.

I normally would exhibit from my home during Frome’s Art Trail (Open Studios) which involves a huge amount of work and is a such a contrast  to my usual quiet life. But I do enjoy meeting a wide variety of visitors who make the trip up to Nunney Road to see the new paintings during this event, each with their own story and impressions as they take time to look around and hopefully enjoy the art, house and the garden.

Obviously this year will be very different, but different doesn’t mean worse and maybe through the comments and questions new connections and friendships will still be made.

I’m hoping to post each day a new painting during the event which will be available to view and buy on my Facebook page, Instagram account or website.

You can follow Alexandra on Instagram: @alexart00 or visit her website.

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