Heading back to the 70s with Something Underground

Children of the Revolution imageWhat was the seventies like for you? Were you alive? Does the decade look delightful or dreary in your rear view mirror?

Award-winning Something Underground’s new show Children of The Revolution takes you on a highly dynamic and energetic journey of the stories, the time, the people and the music. A romp through this iconic decade.

In this time of soaring oil costs, tight global tensions, women’s reproductive rights under pressure, Northern Ireland back in the headlines, talent shows, the EEC in the balance, the environment battling to survive, new diseases afoot and renewed nuclear threats, who would have thought that a show, that deftly delves into the decade that most echoes our own times could actually be a way to see our current world through a lens that is both hilarious and chilling by turns?

With Space Invaders, the first mobile phone, the first email, barcode, CD, Apple, MacDonalds, the Sony Walkman, the Intercity 125, the first test-tube baby, the first Gay-Pride Parade, a whole cultural and technological revolution unfurling, all opening up new minds, and new possibilities, how can you experience all this and yet stay sane in this crazy day and age?

Children of The Revolution is the sequel to Something Underground’s five star show The Spirit of Woodstock (all about 60’s America) which played across the UK in 2021 and 2022.

In Children of The Revolution, (dubbed an “Outstanding Show” in the press) Jonathan Brown plays 65 moments in quick-fire succession. The whole thing is imbued with the soundscape of the time for you to immerse yourselves in and enjoy the whole decade, wrapped up in anticipation of a new era to come, ready to be taken back to a time that for many… was golden.

Children of The Revolution plays at the Merlin Theatre on Saturday 8th October 2022.

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