Frome’s Early Early Christmas Fair


Have you just moved to Frome or are looking to get involved in this proactive community on a new festive project? The Big Christmas Get-together is in need of a new team of organisers who can jump into action over the next few weeks. Emma Warren and the team have loved being involved, saying it’s been a real privilege and honour, but they all feel it’s time to pass the event on to new faces. Now part of the Frome community calendar, it’s a much needed social event for a huge number of people in the town. However, the event has been run by a small number of passionate volunteers in the past, and due to commitments they now need a new team to organise the project.

Emma Warren said “It’s a tried and tested formula which does not need much tweaking. There is a comprehensive handbook – including background of the strong ethics and morals, a how-to guide, contact lists, budget breakdown and wish-lists required for the day. And there is no shortage of kind volunteers already wanting to help again on Christmas Day – half a dozen have already been in touch! The past organising group have all offered their support and time to handover, so this is a wonderful opportunity to be more involved with a worthwhile community project.”

Roles needed are:

Event Manager

  • Key point of contact for venue and main suppliers
  • Person taking ultimate responsibility
  • Coordinate team of organisers
  • Administer communications between organisers
  • Instigate applications for financial grants
  • Prepare marketing plan for event
  • Manage the running of the actual event
  • Send out thank you letters to all businesses and organisations who donate or support the event, plus letter to editor of local papers to thank all supporters publicly
  • Write any final reports for grants

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Update Volunteer Job Form
  • Contact all previous years’ volunteers
  • Distribute Volunteer Job Form
  • Be main point of contact for all prospective volunteers
  • Keep an up-to-date database of all volunteers, including contact details, preferred jobs, eating meal etc

Guest Coordinator

  • Ensure distribution of application forms / flyers
  • Invite former guests
  • Keep an up-to-date database of guests, dietary & transport requirements etc
  • Design and print invitations
  • Send / deliver invitations
  • Take telephone details from potential guests or their representatives
  • Liaise with the Cheese and Grain on applications
  • Liaise with other team members, especially transport coordinator

Food Coordinator

  • Confirm all ingredients needed for full event menu and whether they are being donated or bought & identify quantities
  • Full responsibility for delivering food on time to event
  • Organise food preparation for Christmas Eve
  • Liaise with Event Manager to coordinate donation-collectors for any food items
  • Coordinate volunteer servers and waiters at event

Transport Coordinator

  • Liaise with Guest Coordinator about guest list
  • Contact all guests who need transport to and from the event
  • Organise which volunteer drivers will collect which guests, ensuring there is enough space for wheelchairs, walking frames etc
  • Plan driving routes for each driver
  • Brief all volunteer drivers

Decorations Coordinator

  • Contact all volunteer decorators and work with them to collect greenery throughout December
  • Plan table decorations and room decorations
  • Purchase any necessary decorations (crackers, napkins, etc)
  • Coordinate volunteer decorators on Christmas Eve to decorate the venue

Donations / Gifts / Raffle Coordinator (NB: these roles have been split over the years)

  • Liaise with Guest Coordinator and keep an eye on number of guests
  • Write letters to approach businesses with, appealing for donations
  • Contact all businesses who donated the previous year
  • This needs to be a strong personality to make fresh approaches, who is sensitive to the economic climate but informed enough about why the event is important to persuade people to donate prizes.
  • Plan gifts to give to guests, working within budget
  • Ensure a small number of children’s gifts are available

Emma continues “It’s possible for 2-3 people to work together on roles, which would allow more people to be involved and share the jobs out. All the past lead volunteers are extremely keen to support/handover roles and there is a valuable pool of knowledge and advice to share.

Please do give me a call or email to talk more if you can help within the next week, by Sunday 20th September. I can put you in touch with the previous volunteers for informal chat and we can all meet soon if that would help. Being involved in this event is one of the best things I’ve ever done, for me and my family!”

Emma Warren

Frome’s Big Christmas Get-Together 2010-14

Twitter @fromechristmas

m: 07811 217096