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New Moon Ceremony with Cacao

5th May 2019 @ 14:00 - 20:00

£40 – £50

A new moon ceremony with cacao to take you on a deep journey to open your heart.

On this beautiful new moon, Bay will gently lead you through a Cacao Ceremony which takes you on a deep inner journey to explore how cacao can help you with her amazing plant medicine. Whatever your needs, whether you need good health, abundance, motivation, loving relationship, spiritual or emotional first aid. You will receive help and guidance from the scared cacao plant.

Cacao opens your heart by helping you to gently release any blocks that are holding you back from shining in your true essence and bringing abudance into your life. When you are in the flow, life will flow around you.

Cacao is an amazing plant medicine. It is a super-food with anti-oxidants flavinoids and amazing minerals that truly benefit your health. It also has profound effects on your mental well being. Cacao contains large amounts of tryptophan which converts to serotonin making you feel happy and let go of anxiety. It is the only food know to contains anandamide, the bliss molecule, improving your motivation and pleasure. As a plant medicine she opens the heart and connects us to nature showing us the delicate balance we need to achieve to bring our beautiful planet out of crisis.

I make a shamanic brew of a magical pot of cacao. Using GM free, organic, ethically sourced ceremonial grade cacao infused with sacred water from Chalice Well springs in Glastonbury, incantations and healing for each ceremony and for those coming. I use my harp and sounds to help with deep vibrational and energetic healing. After the ceremony there is soup and bread for us to share special time together and to process and share other’s experiences more. This is a gentle and deep afternoon of healing and sharing in a beautiful sacred ritual.

The ceremony lasts approximately 4 hours, then we share food and each other’s company. Places are £40 early bird/£50 full price. This includes the cacao, soup and bread. Early bird is open until April 20th 2019.

Living shamanically means you set your intention and then watch as all the synchronicities fall into place as a result of committing to that intention. So if this feels like it is the right thing for you -set your intention and sign up.

I look forward to you joining and sharing cacao with me. Places are limited to 12 people so booking is essential.