Mary Baily Playing Field

Mary Baily Playing FieldJust next door to Victoria Park is the Mary Baily Playing Field.

Generously left to the town by local resident Mary Baily in the 1930s, the playing field is now one of Frome’s best spaces for play.

Getting here:

There’s access from Somerset Road, Park Road, through Victoria Park and from Tickleberry Alley.

Mary Baily is an easy walk or bike ride from the town centre.

What can you do here?

Dedicated play areas for toddlers and children

Frome’s skatepark

Ball games allowed! Basketball, football, cricket & street snooker on the inclusive sports & games court

Run around! Mary Baily is fenced all the way round; it’s dog-free; and it has great lines of sight because it’s flat. All good for folks looking after little ones.

There are now some brand new Tennis Courts located here to – to book see here. Or call 01373 465757.

Mary Baily Playing Field

Mary Baily Playing Field, Near Somerset Road, Frome