A Teenage View of Frome

Although I’ve lived in Frome my entire life, I never seem to get bored of it. While I may not get excited at prospect of a visit to Victoria Park anymore and my days of going to the roller disco at the Cheese and Grain are over (after fracturing my wrist, it’s probably for the best), there’s still plenty of things I love about Frome and what I can do here.

My favourite thing is the memories I’ve made here, my past experiences. I love that everywhere I look, I remember something, whether it be an event, a situation or simply something funny my friend said years ago. Since I spent my entire childhood here, there’s a lot to think about.

But it’s not just the memories, it’s all the different things that are happening to me more recently that makes my love of Frome come from new places rather than just nostalgia for years gone by.  My friends and I often go into town with no plans, no intentions, but still have a fantastic day, whether we end up shopping, sitting in the Cordero Lounge with a glass of lemonade or just aimlessly walking around. It doesn’t matter because there’s always something for us to do. It’s not just with my friends either, there’s countless things my family and I can do together, although we usually end up at the Westway cinema.

The variety of things to do in Frome means that I rarely find myself getting bored. Regardless of who you are, you can find something you enjoy, and I think that’s why I like living here so much.