Meet the artists: Laurel Wade

In the run-up to the Frome Virtual Open Art Trail 2020 we talk to artist Laurel Wade about his work, the impact of Covid-19 and his hopes for the future.

Painting: aubergineMy background has been in photography specializing in still life and darkroom work. I taught myself to paint using the techniques I employed in my photography.

I was greatly influenced by artists such as Vermeer for the use of lighting and detail. My work now combines fruit or vegetables with quirky items to give a contemporary twist.

We moved back to Frome a year ago after a 10 year stint in Cornwall and are currently restoring a house. The Frome Art Trail was to be the first chance to show my work to a new audience. Apart from that the Covid-19 virus has not really affected me other than being unable to approach galleries etc to show my work.

Painting: garlic

Paintings can be seen by appointment only respecting the current rules – email for more information.

You can follow Laurel on Instagram: @laurel.wade10 or visit his website.

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