Find out more about Frome Selwood Photographic Society

Discover Frome talks to Frome Selwood Photographic Society to find out more about one of Frome’s longest running clubs…

What is Frome Selwood Photographic Society?

Frome Selwood Photographic Society is part of the Western Region of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, which is an organisation of Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies. As such we pride ourselves as a Photographic Society to promote our interest and explore photography within the community without being too competitive. We welcome photographers of all abilities and experience.

The society has been established since the 1930’s – are you one of the longest running clubs in Frome?

We believe that our origins go back before WW2 when we were known as Frome Camera club. Having only a vague idea of our history we asked Gerry Russell who was a most avid photographer what he knew, from his account he remembers going to the club on the Church Steps in the late 1940’s when the Chairman was a Mr Wolvern. Some of our members joined when the club was reformed as the Frome Selwood Photographic Society in 1980 when photographers were first experiencing SLR 35mm cameras and we all revered people like David Bailey.

Does a picture really speak a thousand words?

Absolutely. A picture says many things to different people. The more you look into a picture the more you see, it changes with the light in which it is viewed and those with most impact challenges the viewer and leaves unanswered questions.

Would you rather be an apple or an orange?

An apple – there’s more variety among apples. Judith (Chair)

What has changed the most about photography in the last 5 years?

The rise in the use of phones to capture images. The first camera phones produced poor quality images but they have become increasingly more powerful, and there’s a whole range of apps to go with them, from editing to photo-sharing. Phone photography is even a separate category in some major competitions.

In your opinion, who are the most important people in the industry today?

The most important people in the photographic industry today are ourselves. Each one of us has the opportunity to record the world around us and it is us who demand the direction in which the media develops. Within our society we try to develop members skills in such away as they can get the best from their interest. David (Programme Secretary)

What was the last thing you photographed?

The setting sun over Frome – with some wonderful silhouetted trees. Can’t wait for some snow…. Pip (Secretary, Treasurer and Web Master)

How many members are part of Frome Selwood Photographic Society?

We are a small club – approx 20 members, the enables us to be friendly and welcoming to all

What’s the best tip you could offer a budding photographer?

You will learn more by challenging yourself and making mistakes than by staying in your comfort zone, so use your camera as often as you can.

What do you like best about Frome?

Frome has always been the place that I return to even after moving away, there seems to be a charm about both the town and the people. The town has a great history and its building are charming, its people are mostly open, receptive and easy to get on with. David (Programme Secretary)