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Tony Riddle – 100 Human Experience (Accommodation Only)

June 21 @ 17:00 - June 24 @ 17:00

Join Tony Riddle for the 100 Human Experience. A weekend of natural lifestyle & community.

About this event

These 100 Human experiences are an opportunity to get involved in a growing health and natural lifestyle community. To take part in lifestyle changing practices all in the company of like-minded people who also wish to improve their health, wellbeing and refine their human experience.

This is for those of you who might just have come to the realisation that the way you are living isn’t enabling you to be your best self. That there’s more to you and more to get out of the world you inhabit.

We want to help you see that you are one powerful human being and you have everything you need within you to change your current state of mind and start to thrive NOT just survive.

That’s not so scary, is it?

It’s not about becoming Captain Fantastic.

It’s about reconnecting to ways of living that create greater health and well-being for us, future generations and for our planet.

In essence, it’s disconnecting from our ‘ego-­system’ and reconnecting to our ecosystem.

And disconnecting from our ‘ego-­system’ and reconnecting to our ‘ecosystem’ will no doubt create greater health and well-being for us, future generations and for our planet.

Room Options

If you’d like to add on our accommodation onto the 100 Human Experience choose from the options below.

Don’t forget to also book your 100 Human Experience ticket

What’s Included


Think of your body as a fleshy vessel for your mind: the more good-quality, organic, naturally fluid movement and mobility you feed it, the easier it is to access those feel good relaxing vibes.

Through the trifecta of natural movement and play, human connection and breath work we will nourish our mind-body loop to radically connect with our natural vibrations inside and out and raise our collective frequency and experience higher states of being.


Get out of your own mind,

Pause your habitual thought and emotional patterns to find the unimaginable calm that has always been within you in deep-dive breath-work. This session is designed for you to check in with yourself. Providing time to test and strengthen your ability to regulate your inner state.


In this ice bath experience, you will learn how to master your breath and mindset to face the ice bath challenge.  You will learn to use cold adaptation techniques to improve focus, reduce stress, enhance mental and physical performance, boost the immune system and uncover the hidden abilities of your mind and body.


Singing and making sound is one of the most natural and instinctive things humans can do. Working with our voices can open us up to new levels of self-expression, self-understanding and unbounded depths of creativity, whilst balancing the vital wellbeing of the body and mind. Yes, all of that just with your voice!

Through a mixture of meditative sound practices, expressive voice play and song, we will incorporate awareness of breath, body and mind stuff, whilst exploring our connection to ourselves and others. Absolutely no prior experience necessary!

Also to expect: fireside chats, drumming, nourishing natural foods and above all human connection, happiness and lots of love and belly laughter.

Booking Your 100 Human Experience Ticket

Don’t forget you’ll need to book your 100 Human Experience ticket separately.

Tickets are £325.00 and include all sessions, meals (all dietary requirements catered for) and a place in a 4 person bell tent. Book your ticket here.


June 21 @ 17:00
June 24 @ 17:00


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Frome, BA11 5HL
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