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3 Deep Trance Channels Come Together for the First Time

4th Dec 2014 @ 19:15


Wessex Research Group Network – Speakers, Simon Rowe, Damien Jordan and Harry Ferwerda.

When you consider what humanity has done and achieved during the last 200,000 years, you can begin to understand the true potential and creativity that humanity has the power to bring forth.  What should humanity do next?  What is the purpose of humanity and why are you in particular here on Earth at this time.  It is unusual for deep trance channels to come together and channel in the same company. Each channel will bring through different energies to answer your questions about life and the universe, the future of humanity, life purpose, longevity health and happiness, wealth and abundance and any other area of human life that you need explaining.

Contact Marina 01373 465848 for more information.


4th Dec 2014


01373 465848