The Cheese & Grain launch their 25th Anniversary History Project

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Cheese and Grain this year and to celebrate, there will be two weeks of events organised to showcase everything that takes place at the venue.

One way the occasion is being marked is with a photographic history project made up of photos of your experiences at the Cheese and Grain to be displayed there and at Frome Town Hall (and then as a permanent archive at Frome Museum). This is an opportunity to share memories from the last 25 years, at the gigs, the markets and fairs, and at the café and bar. The Cheese and Grain is Somerset’s leading and most famous music venue in addition to being Frome’s community and social centre and this exhibition will provide a trip down memory lane for all those who have enjoyed spending time at the venue over the years.

Steve Macarthur, Director of the Cheese and Grain said: “As well as being a music venue, the Cheese and Grain is Frome’s community centre, working closely with the NHS, with local school and colleges, local voluntary and youth organisations and supporting refugees. The project has come a long way from when volunteers erected the first stage from scaffolding poles and table tennis tops and borrowed a PA from a well-wisher! With help from Frome Town Council, the Trustees, and our staff, we look forward to its continuing remarkable success.”

To send in photos of the Cheese and Grain, please submit here:
Submit your Cheese & Grain pics

If you are unable to send in digitally, Frome Town Hall will accept your physical photos and upload them for you so they can be put forward for the exhibition. The project is about everybody’s memories of the Cheese and Grain, this isn’t for professional photographers, it’s about images that really capture those personal experiences over the years.

Cllr Sara Butler said: “The Cheese and Grain has seen so many fantastic acts perform including of course Sir Paul McCartney last year, and the intimate space means the audience always has such a great experience so we’re really looking forward to seeing people’s photos and hearing the stories behind them!”.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 7th August at 9am, and everyone sending photos in will be entered into a raffle with two lucky people drawn at random, winning a ticket to Jo Whiley’s 90’s Anthems show on September 22nd. To find out more about the photography exhibition, please go to the photo submissions page.