Guided Walks

Discover Frome has launched regular light and informative guided walks, which will take place twice a week throughout the year on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

The Sunday walks, entitled Heart of Frome, will run every week at 2.30pm on Sundays not already served by the very popular historical walks run by Frome Society for Local Studies. There is a suggested donation of £3.

The Heart of Frome is a short walk around the centre of town. It will take in some of Frome’s most well-known landmarks. The route starts at the Discover Frome Information Point and ends at St John’s Church, with plenty of facts about Frome’s unique, entertaining and interesting history along the way.

Special Wednesday WalksFrome guided walks

Wednesday walks start at 6pm and are £5 each, payable to the guide. See below for more details about these walks.

Our guides can be identified by their Guided walks badges, yellow
hi-vis and their Frome water bottles.

Please note – for safety reasons the Guided Walks Frome will only take place if there are at least two people booked on.

Guided Walks in Frome Schedule:

July Walk Time Starting point
Sun 14th Heart of Frome – book 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Sun 21st Local Studies 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Wed 24th Saxon Frome 6pm Outside Frome Library
Sun 28th Heart of Frome – book 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Wed 31st A Sense of Place 6pm Outside Frome Library
Sun 4th Heart of Frome 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Wed 7th 17th Century Frome 6pm St John’s Church
Sun 11th Local Studies 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Wed 14th Saxon Frome 6pm Outside Frome Library
Weds 21st Town Planning 6pm TBC
Sun 25th Heart of Frome 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Weds 28th Singers 6pm TBC
Sun 1st Heart of Frome 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Wed 4th Frome at War 6pm Frome Railway Station
Sun 8th Local Studies 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Weds 11th A Sense of Place 6pm Outside Frome Library
Sun 15th Heart of Frome 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Weds 18th Foul Frome 6pm TBC
Sun 22nd Heart of Frome 2.30pm Discover Frome Information Point
Weds 25th Saxon Frome 6pm Outside Frome Library
Sun 29th Heritage Trees of Frome 2.30pm Cheese & Grain

Wednesday Walk Themes

Frome at War
Starting at Frome Railway station, Frome at War discovers the contribution Frome and its people made during the two World Wars as well as stories about evacuees, Dunkirk survivors, American GIs and more. Follow in Field-Marshall Montgomery’s footsteps, locate war graves of many who gave their lives, as well as Frome’s very own VC holder, and discover both the story behind Frome’s Official War Memorial and the night the town was bombed by the German Luftwaffe.

Foul Frome
Starting at the appropriately named Justice Lane, this walk reveals the life and crimes of this Somerset market town during the nineteenth century. Discover the sites of fatal crimes, the old magistrate’s court, a pitched battle between Frome’s population and Salvation Army, rioting, the guardhouse & blind house, and original Police Station. Learn about policing from parish constables to the town’s own police force, as well as various infamous villains, such as the notorious Maggs-Sparrow gang and Frome Bob.

Pubs of Frome
Starting at the Blue House, Market Place, this walk will take in a dozen pubs and inns – both past and present – giving the histories of each and putting them in the social context of their time. Learn about the town’s very own breweries, bankrupt landlords, an historic pub-crawl, rioting and the many various nefarious activities which took place behind some of the walls of these local hostelries.

Frome in the 17th Century
Starting outside St John’s Church, this walk will focus on the hundred-year period in the town’s history which brought great upheaval and change in many areas, including religion, monarchy and trade. From the English Civil War and Monmouth Rebellion to the Act of Uniformity and building of the Trinity area, discover the impact the 17th century had on Frome, including it becoming one of the wealthiest and major non-conformist centres within the south-west.

Famous Frome
Regularly topping national polls as one of the coolest towns on the planet and best places to live, celebrity A-listers are often spotted on its streets and global rock-stars play its venues. But Frome has always had an association with the rich and famous, the cool and chic, as well as artisans and sports people. From the birth of a sporting legend (no, not Jensen Button, but he is included) to the locations of prime-time television series, taking in well-known poets, writers, actors and musicians on the way. Starts at Jenson Button Bridge.

A Sense of Place
The history and folklore behind some of the place names of Frome taking in some of the development of the English language and the history of the town along the way. If you’ve ever wondered why Bath Street is not on the Bath side of town, or what is cheap about Cheap Street, this is the walk for you. Taking in the older parts of Frome this walk discovers the origins of local place names, streets and pubs and some of the folklore linked to places in the town.

Saxon Frome
Frome is believed to have begun on the banks of the river that gave the town its name with the arrival of a monk from Malmesbury named Aldhelm in 690AD. During the following two centuries it became an important town in Saxon Wessex, with a royal palace and a role in the unification of the English kingdom. Barely anything of these Saxon origins can now be seen, though perhaps some remains still wait to be found again, hidden under the layers of the centuries since. This walk takes in what we know of Saxon Frome from its founding to the coming of the Normans.

Dyed in the Wool
A walk around Frome with a focus on the cloth industry in the town. It takes in some of the places and buildings linked to the weavers, spinners and dyers whose skills were largely responsible for the wealth of Frome in the 17th and 18th centuries. Along the way we will also touch on the importance of the trade to the country as a whole and some of the language and folklore associated with it.

Frome Heritage Tree Walk
Join local author and ancient tree specialist Julian Hight on a walk to see some of Frome’s most majestic trees, and hear about their history and lore. Starting at the Cheese and Grain, the easy walk will include Millennium Green, Rodden Meadow and the town centre, and take between an hour and an hour and a half.

At its height J.W.Singer & Sons Art Metal Works employed up to 700 people and cast statues, war memorials, and decorative metalwork that can be found across the country and around the globe. Although the Singer’s foundry no longer exists in the centre of Frome, the locations and landmarks in this walk tell its story and that of the remarkable life and work of John Webb Singer.

You can view the Guided Walks map below and you can also download the PDF here.