Yoni Shakti: Well Woman Yoga Circle

illustration of handsCome and share in this gathering of to connect and embrace our Shakti ~ innate feminine power led by Cecilia Allon and Sivani Mata Francis.

We welcome you to this nourishing, nurturing space for women at all stages of life, to connect with yourself and also to sit in a circle of support with other women. In these circles will will explore gentle, delicious, flowing yoga movement in a way that honours our ever-changing moods, cycles and rhythms.

Bringing to the mat who we are today, right now, and moving, exploring from a place of awareness of that knowledge of what is present for us today. We will experience mudra (hand gestures) that honour our divine Shakti, and immerse in Total Yoga Nidra – profound relaxation in a lying down meditation.

Monthly sessions are held on Monday evenings at Christ Church Parish Hall, 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Visit the website for dates, prices and to book.

Yoni Shakti: Well Woman Yoga Circle

Christ Church Parish Hall, Park Road, Frome, BA11 1EU