Yoga is a Journey

Yoga is a Journey offers a range of classes in Frome throughout the week.

Rocket Yoga

Wednesday evening class 6-7PM at The Works Studio, Badcox, Frome, BA11 3BG.

Rocket yoga, an energetic and invigorating practice, has its roots in Ashtanga Vinyasa.

You will have the opportunity to try advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions but modifications will be given if that isn’t your thing.

Come with an open mind and a playful heart!

Vinyasa Flow

Monday evening class 6-7PM, also at The Works Studio.

Vinyasa flow is a playful yoga practice that links movement with breath in a smooth, continuous sequence; a moving meditation.

In this class you will be led from one pose to another through your inhale and exhale, creating heat inside the body and a stillness in the mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a monthly class held at The Works studio. See Yoga is a Journey’s website for more dates and details.

Meet your teacher, Vikki…

“Yoga for me, is about bringing my attention, my awareness, back to my body. Our culture encourages a huge amount of thinking, planning, analysing, progressing; activity that has us spending a lot of time in the past and the future. When you are in your body, in your senses, you are present. The NOW is my refuge. My classes are a space to encourage your attention back to your body, and out of your mind. The practise of yoga allows the body to breathe, to release tension, encourage ease and let go of unwanted energy that can feel heavy. The movement provides enough challenge to the body to encourage the breath, which supports the path of healing. Our time on the mat is an exploration of ourselves, physically, mentally & emotionally, should we wish to open to that which needs our care and attention. Some days it’s easier than others, it’s important to remember that ALL of you is welcome, just as you are. I encourage you to listen to your body. YOUR body, YOUR practise. Do as little or as much as you choose.I teach yoga for the skills to manage modern day living; the often high stimulus activity that can leave us feeling removed from ourselves. Come to your mat, come back to your body, quieten the mind. You can expect a light hearted, encouraging class environment, supporting your own personal experience.” Meet Vikki at or follow her on Facebook or Instagram. You can email Vikki for more information at  

Yoga is a Journey