Wisdom Qigong and Qiclub swinging class

Qigong class

Qigong is movement, breathing and meditation for strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall mental and physical wellbeing. Club swinging improves strength, range of movement, flexibility and is a fabulous workout and energy builder.

Neil Archer (who gives the class) is a Zhineng Qigong and Indian Club Swinging master and teacher living in Frome. He is a Chinese medicine physician, trained in all four branches of Chinese medicine; acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tuina massage therapy and Qigong. He created the first certified Qigong Teacher Training course in the UK at the London College of Acupuncture. He is currently conducting PhD research at Middlesex University, for which he is creating a Qigong programme for symptom relief/neural restoration in Parkinson’s disease.

Classes take place on Mondays, 6pm-7pm at RISE and are £12 for drop-in or you can pay a term at a time which works out as £10 per class.

Wisdom Qigong and Qiclub swinging class

RISE, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY