The Old Bakehouse

Husband and wife Robin and Linda and their son Lawrence have owned and run The Old Bakehouse for the past 8 years.

Robin is a master baker who has been in the trade for 37 years. He is fully qualified in baking and confectionary, and has since passed on his experience to his son.

The Old Bakehouse bake everything they sell on the premises and use the best quality ingredients.

As well as unique and wonderful celebratory cakes, they also bake ordinary cakes, pastries and various breads.

They freshly bake all breads daily. These range from the traditional white and wholemeal to rustic flavours such as cottage cheese and dill, sun dried tomato, olive, apple, cinnamon and sultana. The selection varies on the whim of the baker. This means you can always be assured of a surprise!

The Old Bakehouse don’t use additives in their bread. They also use non-bleached flour and non-hydrogenated fat, all of which have a low salt content.

They also have a range of gluten free products.

The Old Bakehouse

The Old Bake House, 15 Cheap Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BN.