Meaningful yoga classes posterMeaningful meditation and movement brings peace to your soul, a calm mind and a fit body meaning you can cope with life’s demands and even experience life more fully and enjoyably.

The Meaningful approach starts with where you are at. It then engages your body and mind giving you instant physical and therapeutic benefits whilst giving your soul the space to explore Christian spirituality enabling spiritual growth.

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Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays (during term time) 6pm-7pm, Beckington Memorial Hall

Want to get fit, flexible and find wellbeing?

Suitable for experienced and newbies (with basic fitness level ).

One participant says, ‘I’ve really enjoyed these classes and feel my stress levels dropping” and another, “I feel my flexibility has really improved”.

The Meaningful Meditation Course

Wednesdays 7.30pm-9pm, online

Next course runs from 28th September – 9th November 2022.

If you have faith or simply want to explore the Christian faith then this meditation course will offer you the space to connect with self and God in a gentle and accessible way.

The 6 Week Meaningful Meditation Course will​:​

  • Help de-stress and deepen your spirituality
  • Offer experiences of peace, self-acceptance, connection, help, hope and love
  • Enable you explore Christian spirituality in a way that is non-judgemental and accessible
  • Give you an experience of Divine Presence in a way that relates to your everyday life
  • Offer a safe and friendly space to learn and discuss in a group
  • Engage you in secular and spiritual meditation techniques

Each session will employ meditation techniques (secular mindfulness, visualisation, somatic meditations) and spiritual practices (drawn from the Christian Contemplative Tradition) as well as reflection, discussion and journalling.

Olivia is experienced at teaching meditation and Christian spirituality.

Others say:

– “This course gave me a sense of peace and hope which I needed. It made me realise that I must be loved to still exist and that I am not alone!.” – L.

– “I have gained insights, learned to meditate and loved journeying with others” – R As the meditation course progressed, I went from recognising I should be doing it to really wanting to practice it daily. Im really enjoying the journey! – E.

– “My awareness of God and the spiritual side of life moved from 5/10 to 10/10 by the end of the course.” – K.

Mindfulness Course

Wednesdays 8am-9.15am, online

Next course runs from 21st September – 16th November 2022.

Are you stressed or wanting improve your wellbeing?

Meaningful’s Mindfulness Courses will​:

  • reduce your stress
  • help you manage difficult situations and relationships better
  • help you to feel more connected with your environment
  • help you enjoy your life more
  • build focus over the course
  • give you the tools to continue to practice mindfulness on your own

The sessions will use guided meditations, inspirational readings, movement, times of reflection and group sharing to help with learning. Over an 8 week period you’ll learn how to become more mindful in a safe and friendly learning environment.

Meet your teacher, Olivia…

Olivia Shone - MeaningfulSince early adulthood, Olivia has been fascinated by life’s rich matrix of meaning, exploring her faith in a holistic way which has lead her to teaching meditation and yoga. ​Impacted by her husband’s brain tumour in 2012 which left him virtually blind she knows what it is to face challenge and has a genuine awareness of the grittiness of life and empathy for those who struggle.​ She believes that life is challenging but it is also immensely rich and draws from the Christian Contemplative  tradition offering people a safe space to explore life’s meaning physically, emotionally and spiritually so they can experience fullness of life.

She has four children, loves to think creatively, talk deep and drink good gin.

Olivia’s relevant qualifications include:

Theology MA.Oxon, Christian Spirituality MA.
Counselling Dip
Yoga 200 YTT
Mindfulness Accredited

For more information about all courses email Olivia.