Full Motion Flight Simulator Experience

Welcome to JetEx, Flight Simulation where professional pilots, aviation enthusiasts and thrill-seekers take flight.

Experience the adrenaline rush of piloting an 80-ton aircraft in our professional standard full-motion 737 800 flight simulator.

We’re open to all, whether you’re a novice eager to soar through the skies, an avid simmer, or a professional pilot honing your skills prior to an airline interview, JetEx delivers, with an unparalleled full flight simulator experience.

A truly unique experience! Step into a real jet cockpit and feel the power as our cutting-edge technology transports you through a super realistic virtual world with such a convincing sensation of flight, it’s hard to believe our sim is bolted to the ground. No fixed base simulator comes close!

You’re in control. Take-off from anywhere in the world then challenge yourself with various weather conditions and difficult approaches or take it easy and enjoy the ride- we tailor the experience to you, no experience necessary.

An unforgettable gift. At JetEx, we cater to individuals and small groups providing an unforgettable experience that blends excitement, skill-building, and pure exhilaration. Our friendly and experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a safe, fun, and thrilling flight adventure unlike anything else.

Book your flight session at JetEx and fly the only full motion jet simulator in the southwest.