DC Fitness

DC FitnessDan, a qualified and experienced personal trainer, offers classes and training in Frome.

If you’re:

  • Looking to get into weight lifting.
  • A runner, beginner or experienced, he can analyse your running technique (biomechanics). He can also implement strength and conditioning programmes/sessions to improve your running.
  • Looking to improve your body composition (fat loss).
  • Working to increase your mobility and suppleness, be it from being able to touch your toes to reaching a sport specific goal.
  • Interested in the world of kettlebells.
  • Building core strength and postural reconditioning.
  • Advised by your GP to undertake exercise be it for obesity, diabetes or depression, he can create a specialist session tailored to your needs.
  • Or simply to get moving and generally fit and healthy.

Your goals are his top priority and, with the right attitude and determination, there are no reasons why you won’t succeed.

DC Fitness

Epicocity Studio, Manor Road, Frome BA11 4BN