Coop Kitchen at The Ship

The Ship

Family-friendly pub, welcoming to one and all. It’s a place to meet friends and family for a drink and enjoy a fantastic meal courtesy of Coop Kitchen.

Coop Kitchen’s food is inspired by street food trucks which make international cuisine accessible and affordable with funky and distinctive branding. It’s great tasting food, to be eaten with hands rather than knives and forks.

The Korean BBQ is inspired by Kogi food trucks in LA, The Animal is a nod to the in-n-out off menu classic, Poutine comes from Hannah and Malcs visits to Canada. Coop uses a specialist supplier of cheese curds so the poutine is always authentic.

Sauces are made from scratch including the Korean which is the most popular sauce on Korean fries and Korean fried chicken.

Coop Kitchen at The Ship

6 Christchurch Street West, Frome, BA11 1EQ