Practise kindness this March <3

The Good Heart have put together a fantastic schedule for the 2024 Kindness Festival, running this year from Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd March. Each day has a different theme, but all come down to the same core values of kindness. Below is a rundown of all Kindness Festival events – click on each one to find out more!

Saturday 16th March

Theme: Kindness and Community

Sunday 17th March

Theme: Kindness to Ourselves

Monday 18th March

Theme: Kindness and Social Change

Tuesday 19th March

Theme: Kindness at Work

Wednesday 20th March

Theme: Kindness, Health & Wellbeing

Thursday 21st March

Theme: Kindness to the Planet

Friday 22nd March

Theme: Kindness Festival Finale

Head over to The Good Heart’s website for full details as well as the other incredible work that they do.